Water safety

Water Safety Plans vs Water Security Plans

Water safety is a topic that has gained significant traction in the past two decades. Pollution and dearth have been the reasons for these frequent discussions. The amount of water available on the surface of the earth has been decreasing with time. Climatic changes have brought drastic changes to the abundance of water on the planet. Quenching one’s thirst is monopolized by water, but clean water is not available for consumption in recent years.

Drinking water has to be of the highest quality always in order to provide the next generation with a healthy future. Everyone claims to have a safe water supply these days, but the murky activities are not brought to light. If the murky acts are exposed, no source of water will be left to consume. Every country’s government and concerned authorities need to look into the safety protocols to provide the public with clean water. Several plans have been developed to ensure the safety and security of water in an area. Let us look into such plans in detail.

Water Safety Plan

It is a risk management tool that ensures the safety of drinking water supplied in a city. Comprehensive risk management and risk assessment techniques are used to make the water safe for consumption. Their activities include everything in the water supply from catchment to consumer, and these contribute to setting up a safe water supply system all over the city. Organizing and systematizing the existing management practices to reshape the structure into a highly effective process is the crux of the water safety plan’s concept. Many other risk management practices that have applicable principles have also been inspired in the creation of this plan.

Water Safety

According to the plan, the water supply chain has to ensure the quality of the water delivered to all homes by pushing the standards to meet the accepted health-based targets. The water supply system’s operations have to be monitored at each stage to check for any deviations from the expected performance quality. The plan also encompasses the documentation of all the management tasks involved in various stages. In the regions this plan has been implemented, the coordination and teamwork have been fostered to the highest standards. It also promotes the sanitary field inspection rather than relying only on the laboratory tests.

Water Security Plan

Water Security

While the water safety plan ensures the quality of water supplied, the water security plan looks into water availability in the most remote areas of a country. The intrinsic values of clean water are needed for human survival, and this plan needs to ensure the supply to all corners of the region. The destructive force of water is minimized, and the productive power is optimized to provide the public with the nutrients in the water. The integration of water resources management across all major sectors is also a government’s responsibility according to this plan. The scarcity of water in rural areas can be fought effectively only with such plans covering all the necessary areas of managing water supply.

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