The Safewater Project

The Safewater project had the aim to develop a comprehensive and pragmatic platform to manage the safety and security of drinking water, reducing the time to react and effectively respond to a crisis.

Drinking Water Security

Our projects will provide a clean water supply to the remote areas while maintaining the highest standards of safety to the supply.
Project Methodology

Learn about the objectives of water purification that we undertake in our project to provide highly practical and safe water solutions.

Security Plans

Our security plans help our consumers receive the best quality water promised without any water corruption on the way.


Our advanced safety and security systems help our consumers to receive clean drinking water at their homes.


Our storage and supply tanks are tested and cleaned regularly to provide the highest standards of quality in our work.

Warning Signs

We have the right precautionary measures to stop the supply of harmful water with the right tests and filtration process.

a global generic solution

Learn about our testing methods and new technology purification processes to understand our concept of providing clean water to every home.
water management models
Spatial Detection Models

Water Quality Sensors

Our advanced water quality sensors check our resources for clean water to maintain the right filtration methods required for cleaning water at our plants. All sensors are connected to the server and secure web hosting is used.

unique production protocol

Our advanced methods will help provide safe water to homes while also providing security to freshwater sources at our water treatment plants.

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