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Joint international workshop on CBRN water related event detection and management, 18-19 November 2015, Brussels, Belgium

SAFEWATER will organse the first International Workshop on CBRN Water Related Event Detection and Management together with FP7 projects ISIS and TAWARA on the 18-19 November in Brussels.

In modern society citizens expect and rely upon a constant and low-cost supply of clean water that is fit to consume directly from the tap. Water distribution systems though are vulnerable to deliberate, accidental or natural contamination, having many potential entry points for rapid and extensive distribution of harmful substances. These facts lead the EU seventh framework to focus on finding innovation solution to detecting, managing and mitigating CBRN related events in drinking water.

The international workshop on 18 and 19 November 2015 in Brussels, Belgium, on CBRN water related event detection and management is a jointly organised international workshop by the three FP7 projects SAFEWATER, ISIS and TAWARA_RTM performing innovative research on CBRN detection and management of drinking water events. It will include presentations, demonstrations and hands-on working sessions. This first joint event aims at facilitating the interaction between the projects and of the consortia with different stakeholders and leveraging the individual project efforts to raise awareness about their results. This is a first step to develop a European innovation community dedicated to CBRN drinking water innovation security.