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Hagihon Company Ltd, Israel

Hagihon supplies water and sewage services to the city of Jerusalem and two adjacent towns, with a total population of more than 900,000 citizens.

The company plans, budgets, carries out works, operates and maintains complex water and sewage systems using disciplines of civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer and communication technologies, chemical and biological expertise and financial capabilities.

Role in project

Hagihon will lead the users group in Work Package 1 and will be engaged in:

  • Developing the overall strategy and guidelines for the protection of a city’s water system.
  • Creating a Beta site including the installation of equipment required, sensors and software and running two usage cases of water supply system contamination.
  • Hagihon will provide support to the technical work packages by providing users’ input and requirements on the sensor’s development and benchmarking, the development of hydraulic models and the virtual and domestic sensors.