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BioMonitech Ltd, Israel

Founded in 2014, BioMonitech offers solutions focused on breakthrough proprietary bioluminescence-based technology.

BioMonitech utilizes non-pathogenic luminous marine bacteria as sensitive sensors that can rapidly indicate changes in water quality.

BioMonitech’s ground-breaking technology resulted in delivering bioassays which enable long term storage, are highly sensitive to very low concentrations of a wide range of contaminants and provide highly reliable and consistent results within minutes. BioMonitech has succeeded in simplifying the bioassay by providing user-friendly products that can be easily used in either the field or laboratory setting.

BioMonitech is supplying its customers with innovative methods, testing kits and continuous biomonitors for early warning of drinking water contamination. BioMonitech’s solutions are used as critical components of contamination warning systems in order to detect, as early as possible, a wide range of contaminating sources in drinking water, as well as the potential for bacterial re-growth.

BMT-200 is aimed at providing municipalities, water utilities and related authorities with a comprehensive, reliable and cost effective early warning solution to ensure drinking water safety and quality. It is composed of bio-monitoring hardware, related software and consumables (reagents). The solution range includes both continuous (automatic, ‘on- line’) and portable equipment that can be used either in the field or in the laboratory.

Role in project

The company will be engaged in WP5 – Sensors, in the following tasks: unique production protocol of freeze-dried luminescent bacteria with enhanced shelf-life under non-optimal storage and transport conditions. Cost reduction of current biomonitor for water toxicity to increase economic feasibility for a multi sensor deployment. BioMonitech will further be involved in WP1, where the contribution will include supplying the field or automatic products that can rapidly detect contaminants on site.