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ACREO Swedish ICT AB, Sweden

Acreo AB ( is an independent non-profit research institute owned by Swedish ICT Research AB focusing on ICT area.

Acreo conducts applied research within the field of Broadband Technology, Fibre Optics, Nanoelectronics, Printed Electronics and Sensor Systems. Acreo is ISO 9001/2000 certified.

The Acreo Sensor Systems department, involved in the SAFEWATER project, focuses on sensor systems and handles the entire scope from sensor design, sensor readout and communication to user interfacing. Its solutions have been adapted and applied in areas as diverse as the environment, medicine, inertial navigation and biochemistry. The department works actively with intellectual property rights and has more than 30 patents/pending patents. Two successful companies have been started within the last few years based on ACREO IP. Know-how is concentrated around inertial navigation and motion, electromagnetic sensors, bio-chemical detection and wireless sensor networks. The inertial measurements platform has formed half of the R&D activities that place Acreo Sensor Systems’ inertial measurement units at the top of their class for inertial navigation based on micromechanical sensors. The Biosensor group works on the development of immunoassays for point-of-care diagnostics and on sensors for detection of contaminants (e.g., chemicals, toxins, drugs, micro-organisms etc.). The Biosensor group works on the development of sensors for detection of contaminants (e.g. chemicals, toxins, drugs, micro-organisms etc.). The group develops both “traditional” (ELIZA-like) assays in micro-format (microTAS systems) as well as assays based on proprietary techniques, e.g. single-step label-free assays using surface modified magnetic nanoparticles as substrates for Brownian relaxation detection.

Role in project

ACREO will lead Work Package 5 “Sensors”. ACREO will also develop techniques for antibody based detection of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria) in water. The sensor work will involve several different disciplines, from biochemistry and microbiology over to physics and optics and finally systems design for assembly of the system.