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3SConsult GmbH, Germany

3S Consult GmbH (3S) is an SME that brings together a combination of engineering and software development services to tackle specific engineering problems.

For over 25 years the main business of 3S has been the development of the proprietary hydraulic simulation softwareSIR 3S® and engineering consultancy associated with this. It has over 15 employees, all of whom have a strong background in engineering, informatics or natural sciences.

Role in project and relevant experience

The main contribution of 3S to SAFEWATER consists of creating mathematical simulation tools of water supply systems for both offline and online use. The developments of SAFEWATER focus on the enhancement of calculations and the investigation of adaptive modelling techniques that are based on graph theory. Both are mandatory for the applicability of simulation models as operative online tools in case of an emergency event. Online simulators that have been developed through other projects provide the basis for the R&D in SAFEWATER. In addition 3S will provide algorithms for the optimal placement of sensors for both hydraulic data (pressure) as well as quality through their SIR 3S® software.