Usage Cases trials at Water Utilties' Beta Sites

As part of the project, SAFEWATER is committed to a user-driven iterative development process that will be performed in two trial cycles against realistic usage cases. SAFEWATER Release 1 was launched in the summer of 2015 and trialled in the second part of 2015 in 3 water utilities: Agua do Algarve (AdA), Portugal; Zürich Wasserversorgung (WVZ), Zurich and Hagihon, Jerusalem. It simulated realistic scenarios preparing the ground for Release 2 and the second set of usage cases' trials.  

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Dissemination Materials

Posters for the test network workshop

For the SAFEWATER Final Conference and the workshop of the beta site, a number of posters summarising the tests carried out were produced. These posters can be found here.


SAFEWATER Commercial Achievements and Opportunities Catalogue

A commercial brochure drafted as a catalogue of fiches explaining the various SAFEWATER technologies, their TRL, the intended exploitation and the type of commercial use which would be envisaged. This…


SAFEWATER animated movie

This movie summarises the motivation and the objectives of the SAFEWATER project as well as the results and achievements reached over the three year duration. The movie was presented during…


SAFEWATER demonstration movie

This video shows a simulation of the system at a not final development stage.


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“Protecting Against Doomsday Contaminants“, article in Water Online

On May 16th, 2016 SAFEWATER Scientific Coordinator Dr. Thomas Bernard, Fraunhofer IOSB, published a short article in Water Online, titled Protecting Against Doomsday Contaminants“ The article describes the new tools developed by the SAFEWATER project for worst-case drinking water scenarios: chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN)-related contamination. The full article is available here

"Water Safety and Security" workshop, 11-12 December 2016

This event was organized by the EC DGs HOME, ENV and the ERCNIP network, and focused on improving coordination among science, policy-making and management/operation actors.

The SAFEWATER project was presented by the Scientific Coordinator Dr. Thomas Bernard, please see full presentation here

SAFEWATER Final Conference 23-24 November 2016

SAFEWATER Final Conference - International Conference on Water Security. SAFEWATER held the Final Conference on 23-24 November 2016 at the beautiful venue of the ZURICH WATER UTILITY (WVZ), one of the water utilities participating in SAFEWATER. The second SAFEWATER User Workshop – officially called SAFEWATER Final Conference, took place on 23-24 November 2016 at Zurich Water Utility (WVZ), Zurich, Switzerland.

The aim of the final event was to present SAFEWATER unique solution, which has been developed over the past two years from sensor to event management level, and initial trials at water utilities have shown very promising prospects.

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SAFEWATER contribution to LET 2016

SAFEWATER participated 13th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies (LET 2016, held on 13-16 June in Jerez de la Frontiera, Spain.

SAFEWATER both presented a poster, see here, and submitted the paper “SAFEWATER – innovative tools for the detection and mitigation of CBRN related contamination events of drinking water”, available here.

In addition, on June 17, the ICT4Water cluster meeting took place as a side event of the LET2016 meeting. Helena Lucas from the SAFEWATER partner Aguas do Algarve gave a presentation on the project. The presentation is available here.

SAFEWATER presentation for ÖVGW congress 20-21 April 2016

ÖVGW congress took place in 20-21 April 2016 the fair town of Wels and provided future-oriented ideas and achievements of the two branches in the center. It forms the platform on which news is to be found and problems are discussed openly.

The target audiences are the responsible for gas network operators and water supply companies as well as their workforce, representatives of authorities and industry as well as planning and civil engineering firms.

SAFEWATER technical coordinator Dr. Thomas Bernard, Fraunhofer IOSB, attended the the event and gave a presentation in German titled ”Neuartige Sensoren und Software-Tools zu Online-Monitoring, Qualitätsüberwachung und Schadensminimierung bei CBRN-Kontaminationen in Trinkwassernetzen (SAFEWATER)” The presentation is available here.

SAFEWATER presentation for 5-6 April SWAN 2016

The 6th Annual SWAN Conference attracted over 180 attendees from 24 countries. A diverse range of speakers offered innovative solutions to meet the industry’s growing challenges. SAFEWATER Scientific Coordinator Dr. Thomas Bernard, Fraunhofer IOSB attended the conference as a speaker at the panel dedicated to Enhancing water quality and water safety. His presentation is available here

SAFEWATER project presented at ERNCIP TA Water Workshop 27-28 April 2015

SAFEWATER ‘s Scientific Coordinator Dr. Thomas Bernard, Fraunhofer IOSB, attended the ERNCIP TA Water Workshop in April 2015, at Ispra (Italy) and gave a presentation about the project and its latest results and developments.

The full presentation is available here

Additional ERNCIP meetings attended by the project were:

  • 22.6.2015 in Vienna, Austria: Dr. Christian Kühnert (Fraunhofer)
  • 11-12.5.2016 in Swindon/UK:  Rosario Coelho (AdA)
  • 20-21.10.2016 in Ispra/Italy: -Dr. Thomas Bernard (Fraunhofer),  Rosario Coelho (AdA), Dr. Ofer Carmi (Hagihon)

SAFEWATER represented at the CCWI 2016

The SAFEWATER project was presented and submitted a paper to the Computing and Control for the Water Industry (CCWI) conference held in the Netherlands on 7-9 November 2016. The presentation can be found here and the paper can be found here.

SAFEWATER at Water Innovation Europe 2016 21-23 June 2016

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   ‘Water-Smart! European Solutions for a Smart Water Society’ was held with great success from the 21st to 23rd of June in Brussels at the Diamant Conference Centre     in Brussels.

    Thirty distinguished speakers from all the aspects of the European water sector contributed to the agenda of Water Innovation Europe 2016 conference that revolved     around four key areas:

  •     Water on the interface between the physical and digital world
  •     Water-energy-food nexus in practice
  •     The value of Water
  •     Water for a sustainable society

SAFEWATER presentation given at the Water Innovation Europe 2016 is available here

CCWI, 2-4 September 2015, UK

The 13th Computer Control for Water Industry (CCWI2015) conference was organised this year by De Montfort University in collaboration with the University of Exeter and the University of Sheffield and took place in Leicester, UK from the 2th - 4th September 2015. The CCWI conference series brought together researchers and water practitioners with an interest in current challenges and solutions for the water industry. This unique event had the objectives to bridge theoretical and applied research and share the best practice across the world water industry.

SAFEWATER attended the event and the presentation given can be found here. In addition a paper was submitted, which can be found here.

SAFEWATER Commercial Achievements and Opportunities Catalogue

A commercial brochure drafted as a catalogue of fiches explaining the various SAFEWATER technologies, their TRL, the intended exploitation and the type of commercial use which would be envisaged. This document summarises the various SAFEWATER applications developed and their status at the end of the project.

The catalogue can be downloaded here.


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