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Project Methodology

The SAFEWATER project is driven by the creation of concrete use cases corresponding to potential water security events. This will be established in Work Package 1. The subsequent four technical work packages will focus on the development and integration of a system architecture, event management system, event detection system, simulators and sensors in order to deal with such threats. This work will be supported by work packages focused on the technical and managerial coordination of the project and the dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results.


Thus the overall work plan is carried out through five technical work packages and three management work packages. The nine partners in the project provide contributions to the tasks and deliverables within these work packages:


In addition to this the project has set up a management structure that includes two coordinators – an overall project coordinator, ARTTIC and also a scientific coordinator, Fraunhofer. High level decisions taken in relation to the overall management of the project will be taken by the General Assembly and will be implemented by the Executive Board. The SAFEWATER project will also benefit from three advisory groups. The project will set up User Advisory Group (UAG) made up of renowned water security and safety experts from all over Europe and external to the project to provide their feedback on the project as it progresses. In addition to this a Security Advisory Group (SAG) and an Ethical Advisory Group (EAG) will be set up to provide advice and recommendations to the consortium on these issues.

The SAFEWATER project is a security project and thus will have elements that are classified and in all cases the proper security measures will be taken.